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The Suitcase of Courage LLC provides innovative wellness programs to companies seeking a happier, more efficient employee and staff.


An object in motion stays in motion. And so does Cameron Dorn and the Suitcase of Courage LLC, inspiring people & improving lifestyles around the world.


The Suitcase of Courage LLC has made the news! See where our wellness programs and charity challenges have impacted people across the globe!


Please check out our philanthropy efforts by viewing our charity page to learn more about our current projects.

Recent & Upcoming Events

  • Rachael+J+Hughes-1009-3256692076-O

    Burpee Challenge

    May 16, 2014 The Sweatbox

    Cameron Dorn and the Suitcase of Courage LLC raise money for underprivileged children across the world.

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  • fuji sit up record

    FUJI Film Situp World Record

    Jun 21, 2014 FUJI Film

    Watch the Suitcase of Courage LLC as it leads FUJI Film in setting the world record for most situps performed simultaneously.

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“Success is a mindset reflective of our thoughts and feelings. Success is the offspring of good habits!”

Cameron Dorn