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Health & Company

A wellness program protects the investment your company makes in its employees by raising their awareness of the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Physical Health

A healthy employee takes fewer sick days and can be more energetic, more productive and is less likely to suffer a job related injury.

Mental Health

Having a wellness program can give your employees various methods to achieve a better mental state through wellness strategies.


Having a corporate wellness consultant helps you increase your employee’s productivity and saves money on insurance costs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create record setting employees and happier people. People are happiest when they are on a journey to success. The Suitcase of Courage utilizes Functional Movement Screening to assess and evaluate the performance and ergonomics of your employees. From administration positions to heavy rated labor we can help lower your risk of injury to your employees through our risk assessment reports and customized set of strength and stretching routines tailored to each position.

Check out our video of The Suitcase of Courage guiding an international corporation toward breaking a world record!

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