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Seeds of Hope – Peru

In the summer of 2014, The Suitcase of Courage visited Peru to assist in building better schools in the town of Huaraz. Read about the epic adventure here! Check out the photo album here!

Krispy Kreme Race

While speaking to a local high school I was asked to give a race report on winning the Krispy Kreme Challenge back in the day.  This ABC news video captures the story quite well along with my unbiased opinion of the event. Hope you enjoy.  (Source:


Be on the lookout for a stellar video documentary coming up about the burpee world record challenge. It will showcase some of the prime spots and paint the picture of what it is like growing up in a small town.  

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A little ENTHUSIASM goes a long way

The number of times in my life I have heard that I have a lot of energy in my life is past the point of standard quantification purposes and now into the realms of using scientific notation. I use to wonder as a child and young adult do I have too much energy?  Then i […]


This pretty sums up 2013 (crushed it) so for 2014 the suitcase of courage is back in action and with it brings pure documentation of Rule #5

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Tick Tock

Everyone knows the old adage you are unique and unlike other being in the human race. We all have different genetic make ups, cognitive processes as well physical make ups. I am here today to tell you about the one thing that we all have in common. To start we all live on the same […]

Courage Yourself

That Something Inside You

I close my eyes and take a look into the past.  I am a child age 11 to be exact.  We are out in the woods behind our house in South Carolina.  You can smell the fresh cut cedar as we race down the single track mountain path bike we had just cleared earlier in […]

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Good Mood Food

                My mind began to wonder as I walked the aisles of the local grocery store as I heard a lady vocalize the phrase to her significant other “I never go down that aisle it is a waste of time, it has nothing for me…”  Let it be known that this aisle was filled with […]